Our mission is to research, develop and produce
high-quality hardware and software solutions.



Founded in 1975, Special Electronic Design (S.E.D.) works with passion and dedication aiming at innovation giving special attention to the environment. Its mission is to design, develop, produce and distribute high-quality software and hardware for the industrial sector. By using the best-known sector standards, we are able to propose solutions for the automation and real-time management of industrial production, ranging from feasibility studies up to the turnkey product. The know-how and experience in over 40 years of activity have led S.E.D. to establish itself as a reliable and permanent reference for its customers, who have expressed a growing appreciation for the competence and efficiency of the service provided.

Main Activities:

  • Software and Real Time Applications
  • Electronic Boards Design
  • Electronic Boards Production
  • Engineering Services
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Research and Development


Our company operates in compliance with the current rules and is provided with certifications and registrations:

Registered as Research Laboratory in art. 14 of D.M. n. 535 of 08/08/00 (prot No. 968 of 06/10/1999, Decree No. 473 of the Ministry of Education, University and Research of 09.27.1999) for the following business sectors:
  • Equipment manufacturing for Industrial Process Control
  • Sofware supply and consultancy in the field of computer science
  • Integrated engineering services
Ministry of the Interior
Registered as suppliers in the register of the MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR with n. D513 158418 for the following items:
  • Electrical equipment (alternators, power supplies, batteries, rectifiers)
  • Equipment for data transmission
  • Electronics and electrical components
  • Measuring instruments for telecommunications and related
Registered as suppliers in the register of ASL TUSCANY REGION with n. 8836 for the following items:
  • Data processing machines
  • Electrical equipment
  • Data Processing Service
  • Maintenance of technical and scientific equipment
  • Maintenance of medical equipment
  • Maintenance of computer equipment
Chamber of Commerce
The CHAMBER OF COMMERCE INDUSTRY, AGRICULTURE AND CRAFTS OF FLORENCE has recognized to S.E.D. the operational requirements for the following activities:
  • Installation, transformation, extension and maintenance of production facilities, transportation, distribution and utilization of interior electricity of the buildings from the point of delivery of the energy supplied by the distributor (art. 1 Law 90/46 letter A )
  • Installation and maintenance of broadcasting installations and electronics, antennas and lightning rods (art. 1 Law 90/46 letter B)
Autostrade per l'Italia
Registered as suppliers in the register of Autostrade per l'Italia S.p.A.
  • Via delle Regioni, 265, 50052        Certaldo (FI) ITALY
  • +39 0571 664012
  • +39 0571 666400
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