Leonardo, our research laboratory authorized by the
Ministry of Education, Universities and Research


S.E.D. develops its products with maximum flexibility and performance. This allows us to be promoters of innovative solutions by applying in advance new technologies to the industrial world.
Leonardo's Research Laboratory is a real business unit, recognized by MIUR, authorized to carry out applied researches and to provide staff training in order to enhance the competitiveness of Italian companies in the area of system engineering.

Some public funding obtained

  • Esprit 7005 MEPI (Micro Electronics Promotion in Italy)
  • Esprit/HPCN (High Performance Computing Networking)
  • Regione Toscana L29/94
  • Regione Toscana PAR-FAS 2007-2013
  • 7th Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013)
  • Via delle Regioni, 265, 50052        Certaldo (FI) ITALY
  • +39 0571 664012
  • +39 0571 666400
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