Through its research laboratory (Leonardo Laboratory) authorized by the Ministry of Education, S.E.D. conducts research and development activities in the Defense sector.
Here are some of the research projects developed in-house or in collaboration with external parties.


The purpose of the project is the development of sensors that are able to monitor structural and environmental conditions for national security applications. Afterward, these sensors will be distributed locally to carry out a structural and environmental monitoring regarding potential chemical and bacteriological threats. The sensor network makes use of two complementary sensing technologies. These sensors communicate by advanced wireless technologies.


EDASoC is a research and development program supported by the Ministry of Defense of France, Italy, Germany and Norway through the European Defense Agency (EDA). S.E.D., in partnership with other companies, has developed a reconfigurable System on Chip (SoC), fully produced with the European technology.
The chip will be used for a wide range of applications in military and aerospace industries.

Some features:

  • High performance for Real Time applications
  • Highly programmable and configurable
  • Compliance with Security and Safety requirements

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