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Through its research laboratory (Leonardo Laboratory) authorized by the Ministry of Education, S.E.D. conducts research and development activities in the Health Care sector.
Here are some of the research projects developed in-house or in collaboration with external parties.


SUPCAM is a project funded under the "Research for SMEs" program, belonging to the 7th Framework Program (FP7 / 2007-2013), grant agreement n ° FP7-SME-315378.
Colon diseases represent one of the most interesting chapters of public health. Every year million of people around the world are undergoing colonoscopy or other colon investigations. Although optical colonoscopy is currently considered the standard diagnostic methodology for the evaluation of intestinal colic diseases, this examination is invasive and presents some important limitations in terms of risks and patient acceptability.
In this framework, the SUPCAM project aims at developing a new cost effective and minimally invasive biomedical device able to investigate the colonic mucosa, ensuring a high level of navigation accuracy, enhanced diagnostic capabilities, as well as a substantial reduction of all those discomforts typical of current diagnostic practices.
The SUPCAM concept is based on the development of an endoscopic capsule whose structure and innovative design allow to safely and accurately guide it along the colonic lumen from the outside, through a completely wireless electromagnet. The development of this innovative video capsule with a magnetic control will have significant advantages for patients, reducing clinical risk, improving tolerance and acceptability and considerably enlarging the diffusion of colorectal cancer screening on the territory, with consequent benefits for the whole social healthcare system.

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