Industrial Automation

Through its research laboratory (Leonardo Laboratory) authorized by the Ministry of Education, S.E.D. carries out research and development activities in the industrial automation sector.
Here are some of the research projects developed in-house or in collaboration with external parties.


Rinascimento Tecnologico is a research project aimed at creating a new concept of automated assembly lines for industrial products of medium and large size. The goal of the project is substantially reducing the use of workforce during the assembly process so that the relocation of production activities in low-wage countries will no longer be economically advantageous.
S.E.D. has joined the project along with some prestigious Italian universities and a group of companies specialized in industrial solutions with high automation level.
Solutions identified with the project are applicable in the field of household appliances, such as refrigerators, boilers, cookers, ovens, washing machines but also in various other sectors, from wood production (cabinets, tables, furniture) to agri-food, automotive sector (headlights, bumpers, seats, engines, chassis, bodywork, wheels, tires, mechanical motorcycles, frames) up to medical and pharmaceutical fields.

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The project, acquired and coordinated by S.E.D., involves the development of a high precision measurement system based on capacitive sensors and microwaves. The system will be applied in harsh environments and high temperatures for glass industry.
We have developed and tested two different types of contactless sensors and we have identified their respective advantages and criticality.


SmartIss is a SED project in collaboration with ROSSS Spa and Unifi.
The aim is to research and develop the creation of safe and smart shelving, through a calculation model, in order to optimise the structures from an earthquake-proof and fire-fighting perspective, and through a real time monitoring system with sensors.

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