Tracking and Monitoring

S.E.D has developed over the years a great experience in the field of freight and fleet tracking. Today this experience is housed in the IOT revolution and puts S.E.D. in a leading role as a partner for both standard solutions and as a turnkey solution providing:

  • Tracking systems combined with goods' state control
  • Monitoring systems of buildings and geographical areas


Our tracking and monitoring system is characterized by a series of hardware devices (sensors) able to collect a variety of information (environment, acceleration and inclination) and a tracker that, in addition to the acquisition of geographical positions, it also acts as a transmitter of data collected by sensors. All information identified and collected by devices (sensors) are communicated via wireless technology to the Tracker S.E.D.
Thanks to the integrated GPS, GSM module and a series of sensors, the system allows to locate, monitor and manage in real-time the freight transport conditions, whether they are sent by land (trucks, trains, etc.) or by sea (ferries).

Tracker and sensors, an integrated solution

  • Real-time notifications and alerts on transportation conditions and events (e.g. halts, out-of-routes, accidents, thefts, etc.)
  • GPS map positioning with route management and capability to define danger/parking areas
  • Open, configurable and extensible environment supporting multiple sensor standards and providing long-lasting operations.

Benefits for manufacturers:

  • Avoid mis-transported goods (damage, loss, theft)
  • Respect CSR/quality brand image
  • Trigger new production when goods are compromised

Benefits for Transportation Provider:

  • Guarantee the quality of service
  • Avoid complaints and ensure claims
  • Offer/sell additional services to customers


Hello Car® is an ITS, an Intelligent Transport System, capable of carrying out the main functions of infomobility. A smart solution designed to optimize driving activities and to improve efficiency, safety, and the environmental impact. Hello Car® is designed for individuals, fleets, insurance and public administration.


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